Gary brings up a shocking situation in the last few minutes of this episode – cat abuse of the elderly. It’s actually bullying from what we consider t...View Details

We’re putting the “continents” back in incontinence! The Gary and Mark Show doesn’t just rest when we’re climbing to the top. We’re always coming up w...View Details

Almost the entire faculty and administration of the Gary and Mark Podcasting University spent a pleasant half day in a team building trek to Drip Fall...View Details

We decided to record this episode at the special place where we met 49 years ago this summer. So, without asking permission, the duo assembled their g...View Details

Gary and Mark welcome 2020 with an easy-going chat about a few topics. They do “think” about some New Year’s resolutions, but that doesn’t seem to be ...View Details

Two Guests, Two Beers, Lots of Fun in 25 Minutes Gary and Mark celebrate the end of season one at Southern Appalachian Brewery in Hendersonville. As a...View Details

Exciting News from Watershed – bowl games, a whistleblower and a possible admission scandal, and our new movie studio in conjunction with Pam Stone (m...View Details

Pam Stone was our most recent guest and she had us in stitches with some of her life stories. We’re sure you’ll be laughing along with us. If you don’...View Details

We had a wonderful chat with Perry Hodgkins Jones who works with the amazing Muddy Sneakers program. Muddy Sneakers, based in Brevard (NC), partners w...View Details

Gary and Mark warm up with a few shout outs, a suggested name for the Gary & Mark Podcasting University team mascot, and then a few thoughts for a...View Details

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