This is the first-ever episode where everyone was someplace else. In this current time, this is starting to seem like “normal.”  However, using Skype is a bit of a stretch for Gary and Mark. Gary even claimed he was a Skype "virgin." We figured it out by show time…which is defined as whenever we hit “record.” 

We managed to record the show, including capturing the video, and even brought in Dr. James Moore, our Dean of the Western Campus of the Gary and Mark Podcasting University located out in Arizona.

Join us for 35 minutes of fun including some shout outs, a chat with Jim out in Arizona about what online schooling is like and what advice he has for us to continue our training for the Aluminum Man Triathlon, and we’re even throwing in some texting codes for seniors.

And don't forget you can see the "video" podcast of this episode (#29) on our YouTube channel. Just search for "The Gary and Mark Show" or look for the links on our website.


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