Guess Who Got a Job at the Watershed Dollar Store? – Dee Dee   After our usual opening with shout outs, a couple of jokes, and moments in history…we d...View Details

Don Silleman, the Gary & Mark Podcasting University Athletic Director, visited the show for this episode. And it’s a good thing. We were worried a...View Details

It’s a good thing we’re still social distancing because Dee Dee, head of the Wicked Women of Watershed joined us for our show. This all-female motorcy...View Details

This is the first-ever episode where everyone was someplace else. In this current time, this is starting to seem like “normal.”  However, using Skype ...View Details

Gary and Mark gathered outdoors separated by mostly six feet of space (check out the YouTube podcast version if you don’t believe us) – to record this...View Details

There’s a whole range of topics Gary and Mark discuss in episode 27. It starts with a shout out to someone who actually was waiting for our “Security ...View Details

Gary brings up a shocking situation in the last few minutes of this episode – cat abuse of the elderly. It’s actually bullying from what we consider t...View Details

We’re putting the “continents” back in incontinence! The Gary and Mark Show doesn’t just rest when we’re climbing to the top. We’re always coming up w...View Details

Almost the entire faculty and administration of the Gary and Mark Podcasting University spent a pleasant half day in a team building trek to Drip Fall...View Details

We decided to record this episode at the special place where we met 49 years ago this summer. So, without asking permission, the duo assembled their g...View Details

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