Gary and Mark gathered outdoors separated by mostly six feet of space (check out the YouTube podcast version if you don’t believe us) – to record this episode.

There’s a lot to listen to so in these days of self-quarantines…you might as well grab a cup of coffee or a pint of brew and enjoy the whole episode in one session.

As always, we have lots to chat about, but highlights of this episode include three guests brought in via cellphone.

The first is our long-awaited chat with Watershed’s own mayor, Mayor Thomas. We appreciate Mayor Thomas taking time out of his busy day. He’s been dealing with important town issues, so we’re pleased he was willing to talk with us about some of the recent events in Watershed. He’s promised he’ll make himself available to join us either in person or by phone as his busy governmental schedule allows.

Our next guest is show legal counsel, Joseph Clarke, Esquire. We had a few legal questions to run by Joe in our hopes to keep our show in line with current regulations. Joe does have some suggestions. Our only suggestion is that he not send the bill until we have some money under the mattress.

Following Joe is an old-time friend, Frank T. Schell. Frank has been following our podcast with interest since he is also a camp friend. He and his wife, Melody, live full-time in a 40 ft. RV he calls a doublewide-on-wheels. We’ve heard it’s pretty amazing but haven’t actually seen it. Frank is making a name for himself in the world of pickleball.

 Left to right:

Mayor Thomas - Mayor of Watershed and Director of Legislative Affairs for the show

Joseph Clarke, Esquire - Legal Counsel for both the show and the Gary & Mark Podcasting University

Frank T. Schell - Head of Tourism and Development for Rabbit Island Resort & Pickleball Head Coach for the University


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