Gary brings up a shocking situation in the last few minutes of this episode – cat abuse of the elderly. It’s actually bullying from what we consider to be our feline friends. It’s a real thing and the Gary and Mark Show has the three behavioral signs of cat bullying! Learn them and be alert.

But before we got into cat bullying, we had a guest on the show, Dr. James Moore from Arizona State University. While James is planning on staying firmly planted in the state of no daylight savings time…he has agreed to take on a position with the Gary and Mark Podcasting University. James will be in charge of our new Aluminum Man Triathlon team. It’s the perfect solution for us older folks who might not be able to swim, run, and bike like we used to.

You can learn more about the Aluminum Math Triathlon program at: Yes, it’s a real thing and the Gary and Mark Podcasting University Athletic Department plans to sponsor our first triathlon soon. We’re waiting for the grounds people at Rabbit Island Resort to finish up our facilities.

And as usual, we have some shout outs…though one listener shouted out at us asking if we had our 501c3 “non-profit” status. We’ve tried to explain to this person that we are as non-profit as one can get!

Happy Listening.


Dr. James Moore, the latest hire at the Gary & Mark 

Podcasting University.




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