We had a wonderful time with our guest Scott Reed out on the tower at Camp Mondamin on Lake Summit. Scott, Gary, and Mark all met in the early 70s at the camp. It was only appropriate that the first face-to-face recording of the podcast in months happened within view of Rabbit Island resort. We did follow reasonable guidelines for keeping ourselves a safe distance apart.


Scott, from Tupelo, MS (the birthplace of Elvis) is  quite an accomplished musician. And a highlight of this episode is the musical portion. Scott is a part (a BIG part) of the band, Two Drink Minimum . Scott and Gary teamed up for several selections. Gary is an accomplished harmonica virtuoso. Mark stayed appropriately in the background during this portion.


Scott is a man of many talents. He’s a top-rated and much sought-after financial advisor with the firm, HardyReed. (www.hardyreed.com). And in fact, he’s the author of a best-selling book, Top 40 Rules of Investing. And Scott shares some of his knowledge with us in the first portion of this episode.


At the end of the show, you’ll hear how you can win a free copy of Scott’s book. For the rest of you, you can find his book on Amazon.


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Scott, Gary, and Mark on the tower at Camp Mondamin




Gary and Scott perform for our podcast listeners!





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