Gary and Mark met at Iron Key Brewing Company in Columbus. The idea was to podcast from the patio, or possibly the solitary confinement cell, or from the big house. Yes, this place used to be a North Carolina prison.

But it was too windy to go outside and the idea of sitting in a small cell brought back too many bad memories. 

So we recorded in the mobile podcasting studio. We got off to a rocky start...first forgot to turn on the camera, then got the camera rolling and forgot to turn on the audio recorder, then got both rolling and the camera battery died. We can't blame it on the beer - we only had one. Mark says he was out of sync. But in the end - we got it done.

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Saluda Outfitters, Home of Green River Eddy’s Tap Room & Grill


L.J. Meyers, Homeward Angels Professional White Dove Releases


Iron Key Brewing Company in Columbus, NC


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