Gary and Mark join up with Chris Balliew, for Episode 40. Chris is the Head of Taproom Operations at the recently opened Iron Key Brewing Company in C...View Details

Gary and Mark met 49 years ago at Camp Mondamin and that was the start of a friendship still going strong after all these years. One event of their me...View Details

DeeDee is back on the show and Gary and Mark bring her some exciting news. She’s not particularly impressed. Check that out along with some dates in h...View Details

We enjoyed our guests, James and Andrew Greco, who told us about their trip along “The Connecticut Hotdog Trail.” The father and son spent a few days ...View Details

We had a wonderful time with our guest Scott Reed out on the tower at Camp Mondamin on Lake Summit. Scott, Gary, and Mark all met in the early 70s at ...View Details

In our first segment, Gary answers a request from a listener about why his new product, “The Little Buddy,” seems to be for men only. So as is usual, ...View Details

Gary and Mark are still Zooming episodes. Our listeners are covered since you all are more than six feet away. As always, there’s a lot going on in th...View Details

We are still zooming and invited past guests to come and pay a visit for this special occasion. The Gary and Mark Show has just finished its first yea...View Details

Guess Who Got a Job at the Watershed Dollar Store? – Dee Dee   After our usual opening with shout outs, a couple of jokes, and moments in history…we d...View Details

Don Silleman, the Gary & Mark Podcasting University Athletic Director, visited the show for this episode. And it’s a good thing. We were worried a...View Details

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